Welcome to Project Serenity

We started with a simple idea. Begin every day with one goal – Do something new today. It was great, but after a while, doing something new felt old. It didn’t feel sustainable. It wasn’t moving us forward. It was a band-aid for living life trapped in the daily grind.

We still had to get through the day first and then something new became another chore that needed doing every day. We needed bigger new things. Experiences that change the course of life. Habits that improve health and life quality. We needed the changes we made to be at the core of the day/ Not an afterthought.

Stuck in a place where we’re just making ends meet, barely keeping our heads above the ocean of chronic health issues and where our aims are as ambitious as getting one good night’s sleep this year, we had to get creative. We modified our goal:

Do something new that adds value to life.

We have to experts in everything just like everybody else. Life asks all of us to master many areas of expertise. Experts in our own health management. Experts cooks. Expert personal shoppers. Expert tech users. Financially savvy investors. Expert educators. Expert students.

If often feels as if life always throws us a curve ball and we have to continually adapt to keep catching it.

So we decided to focus on being expert jugglers. Keeping all these balls of life smoothly sailing through the air, never hitting the ground. It a challenge to keep approaching life with a new perspective every day. We’re always stretching the boundaries to transform the daily grind back into an adventure.

Here’s how that’s going…

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