We started with a simple idea. Begin every day with one goal – Do something new today. It was great, but after a while, doing something new felt old. It didn’t feel sustainable. It wasn’t moving us forward. It was a band-aid for living life trapped in the daily grind.

We needed bigger new things. Experiences that change the course of life. Habits that improve health and life quality. Stuck in a place where we’re just making ends meet, barely keeping our heads above the ocean of chronic health issues and where our aims are as ambitious as getting one good night’s sleep this year, we had to get creative. We modified our goal:

Do something new that adds value to life.

Project Serenity is our reflective journal on how we implement this life strategy. Our goal has never been to join the ranks of glitzy bloggers that share their idyllic day-to-day life as they power through it, but to find a quieter path through life filled with substance and soul.

We want a slower way of living, continuously discovering a more meaningful approach to the challenges life brings and to find a way to make life simpler yet packed with a sense of adventure.

Life should be a journey through time not a mindless slog. Project Serenity is our way of finding and sharing the things of value and substance we discover along the way.

This is a reflective journal – if you’re more interested in the things we’ve discovered along the way that’s met or exceeded our expectations, check out the Ergohacks Vault where we share our very best finds with our seal of approval.

Better yet, if slow living sounds intriguing, join our journey, find us on Facebook or Twitter  and let us know about your new things. We hope this life is going to be a spectacular ride.

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