New thing: Optoma ML330 portable projector

Optoma has kindly sent out its ML330 portable projector for us to take a look at. Projectors on the surface feel like an indulgence – not that there’s anything wrong with being indulgent, but the lifestyle we’re embracing is about obtaining maximum efficiency, embracing minimalism and both owning and buying less stuff.

An indulgent purchase often runs in opposition to our aim – it’s getting something in excess of need without it fulfilling any particular functional requirement.

The Optoma MML330 caught our eye for several reasons. The first was as a possible replacement product. It could easily replace a flatscreen TV – which would be a huge space saving solution.

We’re also intrigued by its potential to replace or at least stand in as a computer or secondary screen – again – huge space saving solution. The clincher for us is probably going to be gaming – if you own a console, or consoles, being able to use them well is an important factor.

For anyone who travels regularly, it could also be a 2-in-1 solution for displaying work presentations by day and watching a movie on the big screen of your white hotel room wall by night. We really quite love that idea. Often, the only time we have to indulge in TV is whilst staying in a hotel – with usually a teeny tiny TV screen.

Chris has already wistfully wished to time travel back to his days as a student. Imagine the convenience of being able to take along your projector to a friends’ house or throw a movie on a wall in the garden late on a summer’s evening.

Entertainment is important in this house. We, all three of us, suffer from chronic pain conditions (and yes, suffer is the correct verb), and have first-hand experience with intractable pain where there is no relief available other than distraction. It’s amazing how quickly an engrossing movie can become the Holy Grail.

For us, a portable projector also dangles the all-important factor of convenience. If we’re stuck in a particular room due to health issues, it easily moved. Yes, so is a tablet – which is our usual solution to television in bed on a sick day – but isn’t a massive big screen just so much more enticing?

I have spent a part of the afternoon clearing white spaces on walls over the house and look forward to testing our theories over the next two weeks to see if this will turn out to be a very useful piece of kit or more of a shiny toy.